About Emiel Scholsberg

Composer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Emiel Scholsberg started composing work of his own around 2004 and has ever since been working on honing his skills in both writing and performing. As a child of a Dutch mother and a Surinam father, he grew up with a lot of different sounds, listening through his parents’ vast record collection. At seventeen, a friend introduced him to the music of Jimi Hendrix. Deeply touched by Jimi’s music, Emiel decided to dedicate himself to the electric guitar and to the music that could be played through it. Thus, making music became a driving force in his life. Inspired by people and their music from all over the globe, his journey so far has made his work evolve into an interesting blend of sounds, ranging from the most tender-hearted to the most screamingly poignant, always in search for sharing stories that touch the heart.

About Frimangron

Frimangron is the name of a historical district, near the centre of Paramaribo, capital city of Suriname, South America. Literally translated it means so much as: “free-mans ground”. This very part of the city got assigned to the first slaves that had become free men. Here these so called “fri man” were (within given boundaries) allowed to live a life of their own, raise their own families and act according to their own customs and beliefs. This is the place where the father of composer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist “Fri Man” Emiel Scholsberg was born and raised. With his compositions, Emiel created his own “Frimangron”, a place where he can truly be free. A place where he can discover his roots. A home for free spirits, where you can listen, watch, enjoy, inspire and be inspired, free from any form of judgement.

A friend once told me: “When I play, my mind is silent”. His statement has never left my mind. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, producing sound in my experience does lead to the kind of silence a lot of us seem to yearn for. Well, at least I do. Silence makes for inspired art, as art makes for inspired silence. Where there’s silence, there’s room for others, room for sharing, for true connection without prejudice, without egos clashing, without any other things that distract us from the mere essence of our existence. Hence one could say that it’s silence that I strive for with my playing. I’m not there yet, but being on that road fascinates and inspires me ever more and more.

Emiel Scholsberg, december 2016