Master of Music - Cum Laude graduation

Master of Music - Cum Laude graduation
7 September 2018

Mission accomplished!

In June 2018, after a two-year study enterprise that went from Tilburg, The Netherlands, to Berklee College of Music, Boston US, to Brighton, UK and back to Tilburg again, Scholsberg managed to graduate cum laude on the topic of "Studying Jazz Improvisation", thus becoming a member of the global community of artistic researchers with a Master's Degree in Music.

This quest also brought him to the start of a whole new adventure: mastering the fretless guitar. Inspiring sessions with gifted and accomplished artists like Scott McGill and David Fiuczynski have led him into new realms of both composed and improvised music that need to be explored. 

New projects will emerge in the near future, featuring this magical instrument, that's for sure!



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