Release EP "Reference Recordings II"

Release EP
October 1st, release second live EP Emiel Scholsberg, featuring Sanne Rambags, Andreas K├╝hne, and his own band, Frimangron
31 October 2018

Release Reference Recordings Project

October has been a great month! Besides the start of several new projects about which more info will be given soon, Emiel's second live EP saw the light of day. This EP is a registration of the Master Recital he performed June 27th, 2018, together with some amazing musicians. This release does constitute the closure of a two year project, but actually feels all the more like the start of a new journey. 

For instance: the second track on this EP features one of Emiel's latest endeavours: the fretless guitar. Still so much beauty to discover... 

Click here to listen, and enjoy! 


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