Projects make life interesting

Life is too short to just be playing with one single act.... So many interesting people, so much beautiful or otherwise inspiring music to be heard, played, shared... Sometimes solo, sometimes with a duo, or a trio, or someone else's project... 


Frimangron "Reference Recordings" project

Status: completed.


Frimangron album project

Status: active. New compositions by Emiel Scholsberg, recorded @ StudioVanMerloot MusicPros, co-produced by Juan van Emmerloot.



Status: active. Cool powertrio project, with the occasional addition of keys, playing songs we like, the way we like. Artistic research on ways to improvise with an entire band, as a whole. 

Line up: Paul Verberne (bass), Peter Doppen (drums), Koen Wijnen (drums & percussion), Emiel Scholsberg (vocals & guitar)

Scolly & Scolly 

Status: Currently postponed. Artproject. Combination of sculptures and live music, inspired on theme "Warriors". Live exposition of work, created by two bloodbrothers. 

Line up: Reinier Scholsberg (sculptures), Emiel Scholsberg (music)

Solo programme

Status: active. Currently putting a live set together which consists of a mixture of songs that inspired me and work of my own making. Performed solo or with an additional musician. 


Line up: Emiel Scholsberg (vocals, guitars)

Click here for an Impression

Duo album project

Status: active. Artistic research on ways to compose works for two guitars, based on and combined with improvisations. 

Line up: Remo van Osch (acoustic guitars), Emiel Scholsberg (electric & fretless)


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