Projects make life interesting

Life is too short to just be playing with one single act…. 

So many interesting people, so much beautiful or otherwise inspiring music to be heard, played, shared… 

Sometimes solo, sometimes with a duo, or a trio, or someone else’s project…

Frimangron Presenteert: ParaDox Broedplaats Sessies

Five monthly Broedplaats (“breeding ground”) sessions during which the Frimangron trio collaborates for a limited period of time (a few days maximum),

each session with another exceptional composing guest artist, invited especially for this occasion.

Someone who’s work evolves around the fascinating axis between composition and improvisation.

Starts: January 24th 2022 @ ParaDox Tilburg

Due to COVID regulations, the January 24th session is rescheduled to June 13th

Featured artists:

Aura Bouw – Feb 14 2022

Sanne Rambags – Mar 14 2022 – wordt verzet ivm COVID bandlid

Melle Weijters – Apr 25 2022

Jeroen van Vliet – May 16 2022

Bastian Benjamin – Jun 13 2022

A joint search for an adventure in which the audience can take part too, as the results of each collaboration will be presented in the form of a live performance.

Frimangron “Reference Recordings” project I & II

Status: completed.

Both the EP’s “Reference Recordings I” and “Reference Recordings II” have been released by TheRoomRecordings and are available on the major platforms.

Frimangron Tori

Status: Edition 1 ‘Tom & Helena’ – Completed. Music based on personal stories, memories and dreams, written and/or gathered by me. 

Inspired by ancient rituals in human history of sharing stories, in a circle around the fire. 

Written, recorded and produced @ Frimangron Studio. Preparational study for interactive live performance with small audiences.

As part of a series of stories, right now I finished five compostions for the story of Tom and Helena, thus translating the narrative poetry of Helena Gwyn, from her bundle : 

“Onderweg naar mij(n ) Zelf” 

which entails testimonies of her deepest experiences of the transition she underwent (and still is in the process of undergoing).

Made possible with the support of Makersfonds Tilburg, in collaboration with Kunstloc Brabant

Frimangron “Reference Recordings III”

Status: active. New compositions by Emiel vdf Scholsberg, recorded @ StudioVanMerloot MusicPros, co-produced by Juan van Emmerloot.

NU – Eva van Pelt

Status: active. Very special project, of a very dear friend. 

With this new project “NU” (now), Eva is pushing the boundaries set by the format of a popconcert. 

She brings new songs, exciting arrangements, spoken word and improvisations, using a performance format that is entirely focused on and centered around “contact”. 

Every concert we consider to be a conversation. A realtime conversation, with everyone present involved. A conversation based upon listening instead of speaking. 

Focus, love, guts, exposure, energy and strength

“It is here, it is now, and it is because you are here” – Eva


Status: on hold. Cool powertrio project, with the occasional addition of keys, playing songs we like, the way we like. 

Artistic research on ways to improvise with an entire band, as a whole.

Line up: Paul Verberne (bass), Peter Doppen (drums), Koen Wijnen (drums & percussion), Stef de Hond (keys), Emiel vdf Scholsberg (vocals & guitar)

Scolly & Scolly

Status: Currently postponed. Artproject. Combination of sculptures and live music, inspired on theme “Warriors”. 

Live exposition of work, created by two bloodbrothers.

Line up: Reinier Scholsberg (sculptures), Emiel vdf Scholsberg (music)

Solo programme

Status: active. Currently putting a live set together which consists of a mixture of songs that inspired me and work of my own making. 

Performed solo or with an additional musician. 


Line up: Emiel vdf Scholsberg (vocals, guitars)

Click here for an Impression

Duo album project

Status: active. Artistic research on ways to compose works for two guitars, based on and combined with improvisations.

Line up: Remo van Osch (acoustic guitars), Emiel vdf Scholsberg (electric & fretless)